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eBulgaria - Information Society Promotion Office (ISPO)

The Information Society Promotion Office (ISPO) was established in 2001 with the mission to support the development of an information society in Bulgaria by raising IT awareness amongst the general public, in industry, public administration, NGOs and academic institutions, and by creating incentives to the spread of innovative business practices and IT applications among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It operates as a public-private partnership between the Ministry of Transport and Communications and ARC Fund.

The ISPO performs a wide range of services:

  • disseminates information about the European Union and national policies, programs, and legislative initiatives associated with information society development and innovation;
  • maintains an online inventory of information society policies, projects and activities implemented in Bulgaria;
  • follows the latest trends in information society development in various sectors of the Bulgarian society, and the level of public awareness on these issues in the country;
  • publishes an Information Society Newsletter and other specialized publications on key aspects of the information society;
  • provides information on European, national and regional programs and projects in the fields of innovation and information society;
  • assists Bulgarian companies and other organizations in identifying appropriate European Union programs, developing project proposals, and finding EU partners;
  • advises local companies on existing opportunities for technology transfer projects with European partners;
  • organizes seminars and conferences on topics related to the development of the information society in Bulgaria;
  • implements educational programs and information campaigns on the importance of ICTs and their impact on the economic and social development of the country.

Email: ispo(at)online(dot)bg

Access the portal operated by ISPO

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