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Pilot area of RI selected and justification of its selection:

The present action targets the Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology thematic domain as part of the Biological Sciences class of RIs.

To account for the wide spectrum of RIs in this area the action is intended to aggregate the existing RIs in the area and come up with typologies of RIs.

The following arguments have been taken into account when selecting this area as subject to the present pilot action:

  • Existence of previous mapping initiatives to build upon, i.e. availability of mapping/characterization data on the RI. This area is among the very few areas in which the New Member States and the Candidate Countries have foresight background. Moreover, this is the only area, in which Romania has implemented a pilot foresight exercise - under the framework of the ForeTech project – Technology and Innovation Foresight for Bulgaria and Romania. Turkey, has had its National Foresight Programme focused on technology development and innovation, cross-cutting the AgriFood and Biotech sector as well.
  • It is one of the nine thematic priorities underpinning the 7 th Research Framework Programme.
  • It is at present of key importance at national level in most EU25+ countries and hence Research Infrastructures in this area are very likely to sustain and increase their importance in the medium to long run.
  • There are RIs in this area in the target countries.


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