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International experts prepared recommendations to support social, sustainable and frugal innovation in the Black Sea region

In the beginning of November 2017 the Applied Research and Communications Fund organised in Sofia an international workshop “Promotion of Social, Sustainable and Frugal Innovation in the Black Sea Region”. The workshop was organised as part of the “Black Sea Horizon” project in which ARC Fund is a partner, and which is financed under the EU Framework Programme for research and innovation Horizon 2020.

Participants in the workshop were social entrepreneurs, representatives of companies, civil society organisations and universities from Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Germany, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine. Some of them made short presentations of successful innovative practices and projects that they were working on and that were related to the field of social, sustainable and frugal innovation.

The three concepts were presented by three projects funded under the EU FP7 programme. Ms. Zoya Damianova, Programme Director of ARC Fund, presented the CASI project (“Public participation in developing a common framework for the assessment and management of sustainable innovation”) which is an EU funded project that addresses the topic of sustainable innovation and is coordinated by ARC Fund.

Mr. Felix Gajdusek from the Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI), Austria, presented the concept of frugal innovation and commented the results of the EU project “Support for the advancement of policy cooperation between India and Europe in Research and Innovation” (INDIGO POLICY) which considers the topic.

The concept of social innovation was presented by Mr. Antonius Schroeder from the Technical University in Dortmund, who presented the SI-DRIVE project (“Social Innovation: Driving Force of Social Change”) with its results.

During the workshop participants shared their experience with any of the three types of innovation and discussed opportunities, challenges, barriers and drivers related to the three concepts. Together they formulated recommendations to regional, national and international public authorities and policy-makers.

In the end of the workshop, participants voted for the most relevant and interesting cases among the ones presented in Sofia and chose the top 3 to be presented in front of public authorities and NGOs at a second workshop on social, sustainable and frugal innovation that will take place in Tbilisi in the beginning of December. Participants in Tbilisi are going to discuss the recommendations produced in Sofia and to evaluate them.

More detailed information about the workshop in Sofia, together with the participants’ presentations and photos from the event are available online.


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