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National Innovation Forum

The National Innovation Forum is a unique annual event for Bulgaria, aimed at uniting the efforts and bringing together all stakeholders and interested parties to discuss the innovation environment in the country and to propose optimization measures.

The event focuses on improving the level of cooperation between companies and academia within the country and between Bulgarian and foreign organizations, in order to stimulate the national economy and enhance the competitiveness of businesses. Within the forum, the need to managing innovations at both national and regional level in the context of a National Innovation Strategy and European policies is also discussed.

The event is traditionally held under the auspices and with participation of the President of Bulgaria, the Prime Minister and several ministers and deputy ministers from the Bulgarian government.

Participants in the Forum are officials from public and private sector, parliamentarians, NGOs, business associations, companies, consultants, brokers and funders, the media, the European Commission (DG "Enterprise" and DG "Research"), academic and development organizations, World Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the leading international experts in the field of innovation, as well as representatives of multinational companies.

Traditionally the National Innovation Forum presents the annual report and the awarding ceremony of the winners in the National Contest for Innovative Enterprise of the Year.

Previous National Innovation Forums
Eleventh National Innovation Forum 2015
Tenth National Innovation Forum 2014
Ninth National Innovation Forum 2013
Eighth National Innovation Forum 2012
Seventh National Innovation Forum 2011
Sixth National Innovation Forum 2010
Fifth National Innovation Forum 2009
Fourth National Innovation Forum 2008
Third National Innovation Forum 2006
Second National Innovation Forum 2005
First National Innovation Forum 2004


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