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Ilian Iliev

An economist by training and a serial entrepreneur, Ilian has worked in a variety of roles, focusing on issues of corporate strategy and innovation, entrepreneurial finance, and innovation policy. He is assisting the Center for Study of Democracy in developing industrial and innovation policy options for Bulgaria and beyond.

He is CEO and co-founder of CambridgeIP: a provider of IP-based business intelligence to Corporate clients, Universities and the investment community. Since 2006, CambridgeIP has developed innovative and cost-effective offering s to IP practitioners, while also working with policy-makers on the linkages between innovation policy and technology change.

Since 2004 he has advised leading global enterprises on strategy and innovation. Past clients include Allen & Overy, Roche, RAND Europe, Kinden Corporation. He has also worked with the policy maker community in the UK, Bulgaria and South Africa on innovation policy. His past entrepreneurial experience includes setting up DiagnovIS Ltd, an award-winning medical devices firm developing a diagnostic tool for malaria; and a 100+ employee electrical industry company operating in Southern Africa.

Ilian will be soon submitting a PhD at the Judge Business School, Cambridge University, focused on financing technology companies in emerging economies. He has published widely in both academic and industry publications on the topics of science-industry technology transfer, IP strategy, and innovation in the legal profession.

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