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Petar Kanchev     

Petar Kanchev is an expert of the Safer Internet programme at the Applied Research and Communications Fund (ARC Fund). He has an MSc degree in Cognitive Science, acquired from New Bulgarian University. Petar has a two-year experience as a financial analyst for Avery Dennison Inc. in Leiden, The Netherlands. He went through the two-year Teach for Bulgaria program, teaching Psychology, Logic, Law, Philosophy, and English as a Second Language in the Agro-Technical Professional High School in Zlatica, Bulgaria. His responsibilities for the Safer Internet programme include: scientific and applied research related to the online behaviour of children; organising and conducting critical thinking and media/digital literacy trainings for children and young people; developing, testing, publishing, and applying innovative methods, related to the integration of digital and media literacy into the Bulgarian national school curriculum.

E-mail Petar at: petar.kanchev (at)

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